About Us


It is a great pleasure to welcome you and your family to St Joseph’s School, Wonthaggi. Whether this is your first experience of Catholic education or your family is continuing your journey with us, we hope that your association with St Joseph’s will be long lasting, and one filled with many memorable experiences. We offer you not only a school of learning dedicated to providing a quality education, but also a community of faith which openly recognises Christ and seeks to live and proclaim His Gospel message.

St Joseph's currently hosts 284 students and 40 staff. Established over 100 years ago by the Josephite Sisters, the school is presently under the guidance of  Fr Darren Howie. St Joseph's celebrated its centenary in 2012.

Here at St Joseph’s School, we are committed to supporting you as the first and primary educators of your children.  We assume the belief that schooling is a partnership. It is in working as partners – in supporting and encouraging each other’s efforts that we benefit in bringing children to a genuine knowledge of themselves and of the world in which they live.  Together it is hoped that efforts of             co-operation and mutual support will complement each other through the sharing of a common vision and of common goals.

​Each child and parent wishing to enrol at St Joseph’s must strive to uphold the values of this school.  We are called to participate actively in maintaining the special character of the school’s faith and cultural identity, and agree to become a part of a community of learners, who are seeking knowledge of the world and of its Creator. By sending your child to this Catholic school, you openly affirm your belief in Catholic Education. Hopefully, what we endeavour to offer at St Joseph’s is far more than just ‘another education’.  Our commitment is to bring together faith and learning in ways that are real and meaningful to our own lives, and which ultimately reflect the life and message of Jesus Christ.

We at St Joseph’s look forward to our journey with you and sharing the challenge of bringing your children to a greater knowledge of themselves, their world and their God.

Yours in providing the very best in Catholic Education.

Ronan O'Mahony